Inlaying techniques Marriage of metals Kirihame zogan (切嵌象嵌) or "sawing inlay" (in English - "marriage of metals", "married metals", sometimes "mosaic") is a pierced work inlay in which parts of the ground are pierced through completely and replaced with parts having exactly the same shape, but of another metal, then soldered in place. If done carefully, the same pattern will appear on both sides of the sheet. The inserted inlay can be flat or in repousse work relief.

A variation is one in which a prepared mosaic of different colored metals is then inlaid in a pierced parent metal, and soldered in place. One type is a mosaic of alternating squares of contrasting colored metals, others are laminates of different metals.

An example of a cigarette case made in the "marriage of metals" technique: outside (top) and inside (bottom). K. Uyeda workshop, 1930's.