Amita Co. artists: Minai, Torahiko Kanamori, Takeshi

Here you can find the summary of the identified marks. For aditional information, such as history and examples of the cigarette cases refer to sections above or click on the button below the mark.


The artist's signature is often composed out of three kanji:

where the first two kanji represent the artist's name or pseudonym. The last kanji varies and is usually one of the following: 製 ("sei" = made by), 作 ("saku" = produced by), 造 ("zo" = created by), 刻 ("koku" = carved/engraved by), 刀 ("katana" - carved/engraved by), 堂 ("do" - store), 店 ("ten" - shop).

The signatures are sorted according to the first character in the maker's name.