Amita Co. artists: Minai, Torahiko Kanamori, Takeshi

Amita Co., Ltd. [アミタ] (1932 ~ today)

Amita Damascene Co. 1960's.

Shintaro Amita (網田新太郎) was born in 1912. Twenty years later, in 1932, he opens a factory that manufactured and sold jewelry and souvenirs made in the damascene technique. In 1941 the business was suspended due to the WWII. In 1946 Shintaro resumed the business in Kyoto, as Amita Damascene Factory and a year later renamed the company to Amita Damascene Co., becoming its first president. In 1948 Minai Torahiko (Nanshu) joined Amita. Nanshu, together with Kanamori Takeshi (Zosen), who joined in 1953, became the Amita's most famous artists. In 1952 Amita Damascene Co. was designated by the Ministry of Finance as an export retail shop. In the same year, due to a lack of skilled workers, Shintaro established the Amita Damascene Craftsmen Training School. In 1956 Amita changes the description of "Amita" from kanji (網田) to Katakana (アミタ). Four years later the manufactory moves to Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto. In 1967 the famous Kyoto Handicraft Center was constructed and began to operate. In 1969 Amita opens a new manufactory in Takano, Kyoto. In 1975 a new shop is opened in New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto and in 1978 another one, in the Narita International Airport. Four years later a new factory is built in Kisshouin, south Kyoto. In 1984 Shintaro opens another store, in the Hotel Pacific Tokyo.

Kyoto Handicraft Center. 1970's.

In 1985 Amita participates in the EXPO '85 (International Exhibition Tsukuba Japan 1985, 国際科学技術博覧会). In 1987 the present East building of Kyoto Handicraft Center was build and started business for Japanese tourists with restaurant and souvenir shop. A new shop in Narita Holliday Inn is opened in the same year. In 1989 Amita participated in another exhibition, the Nara Silk Road Exposition. In 1990, at the age of 78, Shintaro Amita passed away.
In 1991 a new logo of Amita Co. was presented and stocks of some stores in Tokyo were transferred to Amita Inpex Co., Ltd. Two years later the company establishes the Damascene Workshop Co., Ltd. to make the damascene department independent. Stocks of some stores in Kyoto, Osaka and Nagoya area were transferred to Amita Inpex, which increased its capital and became the subsidiary of Amita Co. In 1994 another store is opened in the Kansai International Airport in Izumisano city, Osaka. In the same year the company enters the watchmaking business, beginning to import watches from Switzerland. A year after the main store of Amita was built in Shogoin, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto (currently the East Building of Kyoto Handicraft Center). In 1999 and 2004 Amita rennovates thier stores in Narita and Kansai International Airports. In 2003 Tomokuni Amita (網田知邦) was appointed as the president of Amita Co. and serves in this role up to day.

Amita workers. 1970's.

In 2005 the production department was divided and merged with Damascene Workshop Co. Later it was renamed to Amita MCF Co. Kunihiko Amita was appointed as the first president of Amita MCF Co. In 2008 the store in New Miyako Hotel was renovated and opened as Kyoto Craft Mart New Miyako Hotel store. In the same year Amita company started the import business collaboration with Wize & Ope (France) and A.B.Art (Switerland). In 2010 Tomokuni Amita was appointed as the president of Amita MCF Co. In the same year the store in Narita International Airport renovated once again and was opened as Kyoto Craft Mart. Next year the same was done with the store in the Tobu Hotel Airport and a year after that, in 2012, with the store in the Kansai Internatioal Airport. The main store of Amita was renamed to Kyoto Handicraft Center. In 2013 Amita opens another Kyoto Craft Mart, in the Miyako Hotel, Kyoto. In 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amita entered the E-Commerce business.
Amita company's name was changed several times throughout its history. Originally founded as Amita Damascene Factory in 1932 it changed its name to Amita Damascene Co. in 1947, then to Amita Trading Co. in 1955, then to Amita Jewelry Corp. in 1966. In 1978 it was renamed again, to Amita Corp. and retains this name up to day. In 2022 44 employers were working for Amita.

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