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Ohata, Sadaaki [大畑貞明] (b. 1899)

Ohata Sadaaki was born on March 27, 1899 in Tatebayashi, Gunma Prefecture. After graduating from the technical school, Sadaaki went to Tokyo and studied under Unno Shomin (海野勝珉). Then he studied under Kurita Teimin (栗田貞珉) for 4 years receiving guidance on researching small articles.
At the age of 25 Sadaaki became independent. He exhibited his works at foreign and national expositions, winning many awards.

Engraved and carved silver pictures by Sadaaki Ohata.

In contrast to Mitsui Yoshio, who was well-known for carving various types of fishes, Sadaaki's works were much more diverse and included landscapes, flora, fauna, religion, culture and more.

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