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Shimizu Nobuyoshi [清水信善]

Shimizu Nobuyoshi was the founder of the Ōmi Damascene (近江象眼 / 近江象嵌) workshop, operated during the late Meiji era in Sakamoto, Shiga county, Ōmi province (today part of the Ōtsu city). While the main focus of the N. Shimizu & Co. was in manufacturing and selling warious damascene items, the company's products list included a variaty of other goods, including clocks, pocket watches, vases, walking canes, smoking pipes, tobacco boxes, cigarette and business card cases, buttons, cuff links and scarf pins. The firm also produced accessories specially made for women: hair combs, negake (根掛), bracelets, necklaces, brooches and wristwatches. Beside damascene and jewelry N. Shimizu was a manufacturer of men's and women's trunks (large travel containers).

Ōmi Damascene store operated by N. Shimizu.

Beside the main store in Sakamoto village, Shimizu had two branch stores: one in Karasaki village, Shiga county, Ōmi province (today is also part of the Ōtsu city) and another one in Tokyo, at 3 Kaidai-cho, Ushigome Ward (today part of the Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo). The latter was managed by Owada Kotaro (大和田光太郎).
At that time, in early 1900's, there were at least two another trunk manufacturers named Shimizu, and both had stores in Yokohama: Shimizu Katsugoro at 57 Benten-dori and Shimizu Kamenosuke at Yamashitacho. However, both seem to be unrelated to Shimizu Nobuyoshi.

A cigarette case by Shimizu Nobuyoshi, presented to Prince Arthur. The backside reads:
"英国皇太子殿下御来県記念" (In commemoration of the British Prince visit to prefecture).

Damascene items produced by the Shimizu company were of high quality and were often purchased by the Ministry of the Imperial Household to serve as gifts for international visitors. One such gift, a damascene cigarette case made by Shimizu, was given to the delegation of Prince Arthur of Connaught, during his visit to Japan in 1906. The cigarette case came with a paper insert, explaining the inlaying process.
On October 7, 1910, Emperor Taisho (then a Crown Prince), visited the Ōmi province and was presented a damascene cigarette case made by Shimizu. Seven years later, in 1917, during his visit to the Ōmi province as part of the 50th Anniversary of Tokyo as Capital City celebration, the Emperor Taisho was given a cigarette box, and in November same year an inkstone, made by Shimizu company.

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