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Asahi Shoten [アサヒ商店] (1906 ~ today)

Asahi Shoten ("shoten" means "store") was founded in 1906 in Yokohama and established as a company two years later, in 1908. It started as gold and silverware business, located at Benten-dori, and manufactured and sold items of everyday use: table sets, silver kettles, teapots, trays, bowls, spoons, forks, knifes, boxes, cigarette cases and many more.

Benten-dori in Yokohama. The pole signboard of the Asahi Shoten is near the Sawano silks store. Late Meiji era.

In the 1920s Asahi Shoten has entered the pearl market and started to produce cultured pearls as well as jewelry made of it: necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. Branches in Kobe (at Tor Hotel road / Shimoyamate street) and Tokyo have been opened. In the 1930s the company was under management of Katsusaburo Iijima (飯島勝三郎).
After WWII Asahi Shoten opens the Asahi Art Center at Nikkatsu Arcade, Tokyo. In addition, a subsidiary, Asahi Pearls, which deals purely in pearls and related jewelry, is established. From 1960's the focus of the company moves away from table silverware towards pearl jewelry sales.

Asahi Shoten store in 2022. Imperial Hotel Arcade, Tokyo.

The company is still in operation today. It produces and trades high quality jewelry made of pearls, corals and precious stones.

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