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Mitsui, Yoshio [三井義夫] (1899 ~ 1959)

Yoshio Mitsui

Yoshio Mitsui was born on September 22, 1899 in Negishi town (now Taito) in Tokyo. He first studied engraving under Katsunari Tsuchida (土田勝業) and later under Kiyoshi Unno [海野清]. In 1927 he entered the Tokyo Fine Arts School (now Tokyo University of Arts) and continued to study under Unno. In 1928 he graduated from the School, continuing to study under Unno.
In 1952, at the 8th Japanese Fine Arts Exhibition, Mitsui's artwork "Inlaid vase with catfish" (彫金象嵌筥 - ナマズ) won the Kawai Gyokudo Award (川合玉堂賞) and was purchased by the Ministry of Education. In 1956 he received the Academy of Arts Award at the 11th Japanese Fine Arts Exhibition for his engraved and inlaid vase.
Mitsui often pictured fishes in his works: carps, goldfishes, trouts, perches, catfishes, etc.; and sea animals (shrimps, crabs, etc.)

Engraved and carved silver pictures by Yoshio Mitsui depicting (from left to right, top to bottom) an angelfish, Japanese red seaperch, trouts and Japanese (Magochi) flatheads.

Mitsui presented his works at national exhibitions almost every year for 30 years, since his studies at Tokyo Fine Arts School. He also served as a member of the Kofukai Fine Art Society.
Yoshio Mitsui died on January 2, 1959 in Nippon Medical School Hospital from liver cirrhosis.

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