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Okubo Brothers [大久保兄弟商会]

Okubo brothers were manufacturers of jewelry and silver ware (銀器) and dealers in cultured pearls (眞珠), crystal beads, Satsuma ware (薩摩焼), lacquer ware(漆器), precious metals (貴金属), cloisonne (七寶), ivory (象牙), damascene and other goods. It is unknown when the company was established, but it had already been widely known during 1920s, especially for their high-quality silver products. Since 1930s and till today the company operates at Imperial Hotel Arcade, Tokyo.

A four piece silver bamboo-shaped tea set from Okubo Brothers.

The identity of the founders also remains unknown, but a receipt (see the Advertisements section) from 1931 is signed by K. Okubo. Nethertheless, it seems that in late 1930s the company was sold, since starting from as early as 1941 the firm was under management of the Kawano (河野) family. Company's representative in 1941 was Kawano Iwao (河野岩雄). The manager of the company in 1993 was Kawano Yasunori (河野恭徳).
Okubo Brothers company is still in operation today, selling their products (mostly jewelry made of pearls) at Imperial Hotel Arcade, Tokyo.

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