Amita Co. artists: Minai, Torahiko Kanamori, Takeshi

Ogurusu [小栗栖]

Ogurusu Shoten (小栗栖商店, "shoten" means "shop") was established in Meiji 40 (1907) and was located at 32 Shimoyamate dori, 2-chome, Kobe, Japan. Most of the Ogurusu Shoten products were made for export.

Damascene boxes from Ogurusu: with peacock (left) and village (right) scenes.

Company was a manufacturer and dealer in a variety of goods: gold inlaying, i.e. Nunome Zogan (金象嵌品), bronze and copper ware (銅器), lacquer ware (漆器), cloisonne (七寶), Satsuma ware (薩摩焼), porcelains and pottery (陶器).
By 1932 company had branches in Fukushima, USA and Great Britain. Minabe Susumu (南部進) was the company's representative at the time.

Satsuma vase from Ogurusu Shoten.

While the damascene items of Ogurusu company are not very popular among the collectors, the Satsuma ware by the company is usually of very high quality and was sold, among others, at auctions conducted by Bonham's and Christie's auction houses.

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