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K. Uyeda [植田商店] (1884 ~ today)

K. Uyeda shop (Uyeda Shoten, 植田商店) was founded in 1884 by Uyeda Kichigoro (植田吉五郎) and is one of the oldest established Japanese silversmiths that is still in business today. At first, Satsuma ware vases and plates were the main products, but gradually the number of silver tableware and items of an everyday use that were popular among foreigners increased.

K. Uyeda's head store, rebuilt in 1925.

In 1922, Uyeda's store moved to the Yarakucho neighborhood, located near the Ginza district, Tokyo. In the same year Uyeda opened a store at the Imperial Hotel Arcade, designed by the famous american architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In 1923, most of the buildings in Yokohama and Tokyo, including the Uyeda's store, were destroyed by the tremors and fires caused by the Great Kanto earthquake. The store was rebuilt and opened in 1925.
In early 1930s the business was inherited by the Kichigoro's sons, the elder Uyeda Fujiro (植田富士朗) and the younger Uyeda Yoshimi (植田義巳).

Uyeda Fujiro (on the left) and his younger brother Yoshimi (on the right) with American customers. Late 1940s.

Among the Uyeda's customers were many famous people: american baseball players Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio, actress Marilyn Monroe, diplomat Henry Kissinger with his wife, professor and american diplomat Edwin Reischauer with his wife, and others.

K. Uyeda store at the Imperial Hotel Arcade. Late 1960s.

While being mostly associated with the silver tableware and items of everyday usage during pre- and just after the WWII period, around late 1950s company began to focus more on the cultured pearls and jewelry made of them. In 1973 Kichigoro's grandson, Uyeda Shintaro (植田新太郎), introduced the Italian jewelry, uncommon in Japan at the time, into the company's product list. Around 1980s the company was entirely focused on selling pearls and jewelry, eventually changing the "K. Uyeda" name to "Uyeda Jeweller".

Uyeda Jeweller store at the Imperial Hotel Arcade. Early 2020s.

The company is in operation till today, located at the Imperial Hotel Arcade, Tokyo. It is managed by the Kichigoro's great-grandson, Tomohiro Uyeda (植田友宏), and produces and sells jewelry made of pearls, precious metals and stones.

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